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The Network began over drinks, as many great ideas do. It was inspired by many of our friend’s ideas that lived in their hearts and minds but struggled to come into fruition. We saw a need to inspire our community to not only share their creative projects but to continue to build their team and cultivate their space. Thus, The Network was born; A community of like-minded artists who use their gifts to lift up their fellow creatives.

Chris Blem

Creative Director

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Nickname: CaBlem (Only Victoria calls me this)

Favorite Snack food: CHEEZE-IT

Favorite song from the year you were born: Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson

Favorite Instagram account to follow: My clients. I love seeing what they are up to and watching them put into action the tools we have developed together. They are living their dreams and I love it! @findthenetwork

Who would you invite, living or dead, to dinner?: Walt Disney, Hillary Clinton, and Robin Williams. (Imagine That Dinner)

Favorite Fictional Character: The Grinch

Last Book You Read: Does a cookbook count?

Binge Watch Guilty Pleasure:  Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. Love this show!!

Favorite thing about Vic: She enters everything with passion and great attention to detail and she won’t accept anything below her standard of perfection. She pushes me to make the impossible happen.

Victoria Cook

creative director

Hometown: Atlanta,Georgia

Nickname: Vic

Favorite Snack food: Manchego and Honey...and wine

Favorite song from the year you were born:  Vision of Love, Mariah Carey

Favorite Instagram account to follow: @overheardnewyork

Who would you invite, living or dead, to dinner?: Vivien Leigh, Michelle Obama, Nathan Lane, and Dolly Parton.

Favorite Fictional Character: Harry Potter

Last Book You Read: Letters to A Young Poet - Rainer Maria Rilke

Binge Watch Guilty Pleasure: Outlander...and I don’t feel guilty about it

Favorite Thing About Chris: He always makes me laugh, especially when I don’t feel like laughing, aka when I need it the most. Also, he’s super honest with me. That’s how he is with our clients too. It’s invaluable.

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